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Translation services specifically for the astronomy, aerospace and astrophysics sectors

Astronomy Translation is proud to offer a specialist translation service for the astronomy, astrophysics and aerospace sector. Gus Kenyon, the company's owner, is a highly experienced professional translator, long-standing member of the British Astronomical Association and published astronomy writer. The company uses hand-picked professional translators with specialist experience in the relevant technical and commercial areas.

Our astronomy translation service includes translation for:

  • Publishers

  • Aerospace agencies

  • Aerospace companies

  • Research centres

  • Authors

  • Broadcasters

Subject areas covered include:

  • Aerospace technology

  • Space exploration

  • Planetary sciences

  • Amateur astronomy

  • Solar astronomy

  • Stellar and interstellar science

  • X-ray astronomy

  • Infrared astronomy

  • Cosmology and theoretical physics

We are happy to translate press releases and articles, reports and presentations, research papers, historical documents and materials for publication between all major languages, for the general public and for professional peers.

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